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About Us

LOKAFINDS is an online marketplace that helps local emerging designers and entrepreneurs launch & market their products to a wider network of consumers. We provide assistance from product development, production management, product launch and marketing  and even the up to logistics, invoicing, accounting, inventory records and even collections management.  The independent and emerging artists and entrepreneurs can focus on creation and delivery and we help with the rest. We know that getting one’s foot through the door is hard in the start-up phase of any new business. We would like to ease that burden by becoming the "go to” platform for local entrepreneurs who have a need for this kind of service.

For our discerning customers, what our site brings you are products designed and/or made in the Philippines that you may not find anywhere else {which you can shop securely and at your convenience 24/7} at the most reasonable prices!  

We turn IDEAS into REALITY and we DELIVER them all in a single ONLINE PLATFORM just for you!